WoW Classic Title Boost On – An Unending Rat Race

Compared to Prestige PvP system, the Classic title system is very engaging, rewarding, and competitive in the extreme. Title progression goes both ways for each faction, which means that other, more eager competitors can replace the last week’s Marshals and Warlords. Conveniently, you can buy WoW Classic PvP title boost for either goal!

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What are the rewards? Class-based rare sets (ranks 7-8 and 10), epic PvP mounts with no skill requirement (rank 11), epic armor sets (12-13), and weapons (rank 14). All of them are meant for lvl 60. However, they pale in strength compared to raid tiers, and an ever-increasing amount of effort you need to put in each week only makes it worse.

 Our opinion? Mounts are the only valuable thing here. Farming Honor in a group splits it among all participants. Meaning that even our boosters become your competitors if you’re of equal rank or 1 level apart from one another! So decide on your goal and head over to